2017: The Year of My Assventure

I’m not one for making New Year’s Eve a big deal because January 1 is just one of 365 days of the year. Millions of people have good intentions of starting from scratch and making resolutions about eating healthier and working out more, but usually old habits come back within a couple weeks and people carry on as they were. Normally I write off January 1 as a time to rest, but this year is different. Why? Because 2017 was literally ass for me.

2017 was the year when I realized that I’m not invincible. Apparently when you turn 40 your body decides to be an asshole. In recent years I’ve battled depression and anxiety, but physically I’ve been in pretty great shape. Running and working out have been essential tools in keeping my mental health in check. But in early August I started experiencing pain and discomfort in my ass. I initially thought it was hemorrhoids, but it ended up being a nasty abscess, which developed into a horseshoe abscess and fistula. I’ll leave it you to Google it, but trust me… it’s not fun! You take something as simple as the act of sitting down for granted, so when you have a job that requires sitting down in front of a computer for 8 hours a day and you’re in varying degrees of pain and discomfort for a few months, well… it just flat out sucks.

Needless to say, running hasn’t been an option lately. I’ve done some limited workouts and a bit of yoga, but for all intents and purposes I’ve pretty much worked as much as I can and been resting my butt on the couch for the last few months. I’ve done pretty decent putting on a happy face and joking about my situation and being the “butt of jokes,” but these last few months have really had a negative effect on my mental health. Thankfully, I’ve had amazing support from my parents, friends, and coworkers to help me cope. Hands down, my biggest source of support this year has been my mom. She had a battle with breast cancer this year but despite going through chemo and radiation and ultimately kicking cancer’s ass, she was legitimately more concerned about my arse during her ordeal. If that’s not enough inspiration to keep plugging away then nothing will be. What a fighter she is!

I recently had the surgery I needed to rectify the situation and I have another followup with my surgeon next week so (knock on wood) I should have a clean bill of health in early January. After having this health scare and my mom’s battle with cancer, I will never take being healthy for granted ever again.

2017 has been super crummy for me on a personal level, but I am chomping at the bit to get back in the groove in 2018. I went through struggles this past year but I never lost hope. So I’m not sad that 2017 is done. But I know for a fact that 2018 will kick *ahem* ass! I’m excited for what my team at work will do, I’m amped up to get more freelance writing gigs, and I’m pumped up to get back to running again. 2018 will be great… even if I have to see Donald Trump in my newsfeed every day. 🙂

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